Dhd dating

Additional training, or support may cost extra after the initial year.

If it is past the initial year of purchase, you may request training (or get help with troubleshooting) by filling out this form and either emailing to [email protected], or faxing to 970-663-1010.

If the PC ’Bridge‘ fails for any reason, it will be replaced.NHD typically consists of 6 - 10 hour treatments while the patient sleeps, providing more gentle fluid removal, more time for equilibration, improved hemodynamic stability and superior clearance of larger solutes(2).The proposed study plans to explore whether or not NHD is equivalent to DHD on a per treatment basis, using the Nx Stage System One in the home setting.The replacement order will be processed within the next Arrakis business day and shipped if it is in stock. The customer must return the defective unit in the box the replacement arrived in.The defective unit must arrive at the factory within 2 weeks or the customer will be charged the current list price for the unit.

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