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Visit us if you want to discuss your personal, professional or business reputation situation or just call us at 888-574-1215 if you are around the country or the world!Ask us about our next-generation “Reputation Management” software for law firms and health & medical professionals.Whereas people will effectively roll their eyes at anything sounding like a huge ad for you company, they will be genuinely interested as using your company as a resource if you just use your speech to provide great content.Also, always make sure to keep your speech within the designated time frame.A function needing a speaker, chose you and your business out of all possible options to offer your expertise.

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Law firms need to protect the rights and the reputation of their key clients!

Start by reaching out to likely candidates, giving them an overview of your expertise, a way to contact you, and additional resources such as a link to your website so they can get further information.

Do not just inform them what your company does but offer them a pitch of your presentation on how it will benefit their audience.

You can send out email blasts to current clientele making them aware of the upcoming event.

Not only will this look impressive to your current clients, but it will keep them up-to-date to local events on topics relevant to their interests.

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