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Popular singer, the singles which becomes favorite hits, Dima Bilan has a large number of professional awards.

The personal life of Dima Bilan’s detailed coverage in the media, it can be read in social networks, as well as on the website of the singer. Innumerable groupies and fans care about his personal life, health, family and children of Dima Bilan.

How cardinal intends to change his personal life, the singer says, however, own children, Dima, in his Frank admission, while also not plans.

The fans of Dima Bilan liked his posts on social networks, where next to Dima — Alexander Evgenevich Plushenko, the son of the famous ice artist and Yana Rudkovskaya.

Fans of the singer noticed that it is in vain doesn’t want kids Dima Bilan, it is harmonious with the baby and, apparently, easy to communicate with him.

In one of his many posts Dima said that now is not ready to enter into a relationship, start a family, but wants to have a purebred dog the Weimaraner.

Dima and Polina Gudieva On possible contenders for the role of the wife of Dima Bilan can be a long time dream on the basis of posts by the author most of which is himself.

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From pop stars, one of the richest grooms of the world was a long-term relationship with the beautiful Elena kuletskoy.

However, it soon became clear that this is not a contender for the place of honor wife of Dima Bilan and his good friend.

Another thing — relationship with the singer Pauline Goodieboy that made his fans think that this is a civil wife of Dima Bilan.

Famous musician, singer and composer Dima Bilan, in 2018 received the title of Honored artist of Russia. , the city of Ust-Dzheguta) was his pseudonym, but in 2008 he changed his passport data.

Fame came to the singer shortly after the Eurovision song contest (2006), where he first was the second, with the single “Never Let You Go”, and then in 2008 became the winner, performing the single “Believe”. His name is associated with a lot of awards, professional and public.

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