Do guys think dating older women

They know what they want and how far they’ll go when it comes to compromising with their partner.

I know I’m not the only person who just heard that record scratch and feel the party come to a full stop. If anything, there’s always Cicely Tyson, who, in any one of her films has some adage on life or relationships that can change one for the better.They’re women with a few more years and a little more experience under their belts, but they shouldn’t be looked at as if they’re disposable grannies in need of getting their “groove back.” Some of us haven’t lost it.Shoot, some of us haven’t even really found it yet. If you go all in with your fine-wine woman, I can (almost) guarantee that she’ll change your life for the better.I meet her through a social function and had to pursue her.She was 12yr older to me and was having affairs but not with an teenager. But after around 7 weeks she invited me to her house for dinner. when I finished cutting tomato she thanked me with a kiss and it eased my nerves.

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