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But after years of ambiguous research, US scientists claim it is worse.Regular smokers of cannabis can be more than 30 times as likely to get cancer of the neck, throat, mouth and larynx as those who have never inhaled. According to the research, quitting does not reduce the damage.They enrolled 173 patients with head or neck cancer, and a group of 176 cancer-free blood donors of similar age.Participants were quizzed about past use of marijuana, tobacco and alcohol, plus workplace and environmental exposure to possible carcinogens.Smoke Cam - the home of live smoking fetish cams - is proud to offer the largest selection of live smokers available anywhere.

Researchers found that the more dope smoked, the more likely cancer would develop.Frequency of marijuana use was categorised as never, less than or equal to once a day, and more than once a day.Duration of use was categorised as never, one to five years and more than five years.But risk of head and neck cancer was far higher if people also smoked cigarettes, incidating that the two work together to promote cancer development.Users of both substances had 36 times the risk of head and neck cancer found in people who used neither.

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