Dumb dating advice

She doesnt see him as nice at all she sees him as weak and powerless.

What guys need to understand is that if youre nice not only women will mistreat you, but men will too!

The dumbest men think that these signals are obvious and that they dont have to make any special effort to recognize them. Women have evolved a very large array of signals that they use to tell men their interest or lack thereof.So, they take things to the extreme and rather than just going for what they want, they become a womans friend in the hopes that shell see what a great guy he is, fall in love with him, do all his work for him and then he wont have to take any risks whatsoever. They know that these guys are insecure and thats exactly why they keep these guys around because they arent a threat to them.Sure, theyll bounce relationship questions off of them, ask for help, see movies and maybe even give them a gift for their birthdays, but these guys will almost never become anything more than a buddy to the girls.What you want to be is somewhere in the middle of all of this.You need standards by which you expect good treatment and expect to treat others well.

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