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If you’re not comfortable deleting your dating profile, perhaps you’re not entirely comfortable being exclusive – and again, this is something that you need to discuss with your partner away from the prying eyes of other users waiting to ‘like’ your discussion.And above all, remember that social media should only help your relationships, not replace real world, face-to-face interactions.e Harmony is one of those matchmaking sites that needs a premium upgrade so you can use it efficiently.People who stay on this site have most likely upgraded their account.If you are looking for a serious relationship, then this site is probably worth a try.Most of its members are in the age of settling down and building a family.When it comes to gender distribution, the majority of the members are those who are 25-34 years old.Its members are quite active and are determined to find a match that they would want to spend their lives with.

But for those whose intentions are to find a lifelong match, you are in a good place.

Unlike the pre-digital age when the biggest worry was whether a date would call or not, we now have to worry about what dirty laundry our prospective partners will uncover when they inevitably do some digital sleuthing into our online lives.

And even once we land the partner and are in a relationship, there are a plethora of digital do’s and don’ts that we should all be aware of. With social media so deeply ingrained in our lives, it can be easy to forget that others can use our digital personas to uncover much deeper details of our lives – even down to our physical addresses.

This can be pretty costly so, there is a huge possibility that you'll match with someone who is already stable.

The contacting features on e Harmony are quite limited but this doesn't keep it from making lasting connections.

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