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Which I think makes my perception worse than if I was just an Asian-American.I used to blame the white guys for having yellow fever and stuff.I don't know about Asian men being less manly or less aggressive. The only way we'd have won the war would be to drop a couple of bombs on them.During WW2, we knew we'd never beat the Japanese, they'd never surrender. We dropped one and they Ok so I just took a fresman sociobiology class.

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Its the females who in every single race but east asian, chose their own over others.Now maybe its ok for them to put individual interest over race.But the thing is their Eurasian male sons, like me, have to suffer the consequences.I just think that in the specific circumstances of American culture, asian females who mate with whites, hurt all asian men. When you meet women don't think of yourself as this or that, but as a unique individual to something to offer.I feel like an African born to a white slave owner or a Jew born to a Roman conquerer. It can get annoying when asian women strongly prefer white men because they think they are better or something, of course that's not always the case.

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