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Concentration less than or equal to 5 mg/ml [0 to 500 mg] [100 ml] [ 30 minutes ] [501-1250 mg] [250 ml] [ 60 minutes ] [1251-1750mg] [500ml] [ ≥ 90 minutes ] [1751-2250mg] [500 ml] [ ≥120 minutes ](Concentration less than or equal to 2.5 mg/ml ) [Amount of drug] [Infusion volume] [Infusion rate] [0 to 250 mg] [100 ml] [30 minutes] [251 - 625 mg] [250 ml] [60 minutes] [626 - 1250mg] [500ml] [≥ 90 minutes ]Minimum Dilutions - Monitor for infusion related reactions [500-1000mg] [100ml] [60 minutes ]* [1001-1500mg] [150ml] [60 - 90 minutes - slower rate for upper range ]* [1251-1750mg] [250ml] [≥ 90 minutes ]* [1751-2250mg] [250 ml] [≥ 120 minutes ]* *Consider central line Premixed bags: Vancomycin Injection, USP is supplied as a frozen, iso-osmotic, premixed solution in a 100 m L or 200 m L single dose GALAXY plastic container in the following vancomycin-equivalent dose: Solution: Iso-osmotic [500 mg ] [100 m L] [ 30 minutes] [1000 mg ] [200 m L] [ 60 minutes] Additional support / Important points: Package Insert Data: Thrombophlebitis may occur, the frequency and severity of which can be minimized by administering the medicine slowly as a dilute solution (2.5 to 5 mg/ml) and by rotating the sites of infusion.

Infusion-related events are related to both concentration and rate of administration of vancomycin.

The safety and efficacy of vancomycin administration by the intrathecal (intralumbar or intraventricular) route have not been assessed.

Intermittent infusion is the recommended method of administration.

Such a calculated clearance is an overestimate of actual clearance in patients with conditions: (1) characterized by decreasing renal function, such as shock, severe heart failure, or oliguria; (2) in which a normal relationship between muscle mass and total body weight is not present, such as in obese patients or those with liver disease, edema, or ascites; and (3) accompanied by debilitation, malnutrition, or inactivity.In anuria, a dose of 1000 mg every 7 to 10 days has been recommended.When only serum creatinine concentration is known, the following formula (based on sex, weight, and age of the patient) may be used to calculate creatinine clearance.Concentrations of no more than 5 mg/m L and rates of no more than 10 mg/min are recommended in adults.Important points: * Consider a central line for long term therapy.

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