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At the same time, you need a legit way to delete footage of uneventful nights.

I'd be looking for a security system solution that captures sound, low light, and decent resolution.

Called him the biggest idiot in the place and hung up. Unfortunately politicians are whipping up a moral panic about campus rape, and things will probably only get worse as the presidential election gets closer. Not only can they save you from false rape accusations, they can also save you from false DV charges, and help keep an eye on your place.

" being screamed) - motion recording or the ability to be turned on covertly or from a distance...

so as not to break the mood Most cameras seem to only have 2 of those qualities.

Finding ones that do audio at the same time seem especially hard, but I figure at least one guy on the forum has something that works.

I'd also want it to be unobtrusive and not obvious.

Sure there are some tech guys in the forum who could spec that out.

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