Frankoma dating

Over the years the quality of this clay declined past an acceptable level.Tree branches and other trash built up, which had to be cleared before more clay was extracted.Frankoma did not produce its first Democratic Party mugs until 1975.They were designed by Frank's daughter, Joniece Frank, who took over the company in 1973.Each object measures 6 3/4" tall and 8 1/2" long and is marked Frankoma 584 Joniece Frank.

He settled on a deposit of tan firing clay from the Arbuckle Mountains, several miles out of Ada, Oklahoma. This clay had to be extracted from the ground similar to digging trenches.

Non-inaugural years are simply dated, but starting in 1977, the year the president was sworn into office, the mug from the appropriate party has listed the president and vice president's names on the mug.

This Frankoma white buffalo figurine was produced in a limited edition of 1000.

This changed it from red to a light pink or a light orange.

Many people use the "wet finger method" to determine whether a piece is made of Ada Clay or Sapulpa Clay.

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