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Adding a personal touch to previously impersonal methods of correspondence, telephone access catapulted the pleasures of dirty talking to a whole new level.At the start of phone sex, dirty details were generally exchanged with current lovers, but Gloria Leonard changed that.As the editor of High Society magazine in the 1970s and 80s, she launched the first “900 number,” a term now synonymous with paid phone sex lines, bringing to light a highly desired service for lonely men and women looking to enjoy the pleasures of dirty talk.Still in use today, these lines charge by the minute for the pleasure of expressing one’s deepest fantasies to an anonymous stranger.Despite the speed, however, fax machines weren’t private enough to provide a great medium for regular communication.

After email came chat rooms, a mid-1990s conception that linked strangers around the world.

Adding a live, realistic element to the traditional phone chat models, phone dating chatlines created a perfect outlet for frisky and adventurous individuals.

With the inception of the mainstream internet, the 1990s were a wonderful time for lovers of all things naughty.

From Egyptian wall art to cave paintings demonstrating sexual prowess, humans have always been driven to talk about doing the dirty.

Love letters were among the first options for dirty talk, allowing virile-minded men and women to put pen to paper and let their deepest fantasies out.

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