Friends reunited dating facebook

Friends Reunited has a special place in the tech history of the United Kingdom, as it was the first social network to find success in this country.When it was first launched in the summer of 2000, the world back then was a much different place.Brightsolid said at the time it was bringing a similar focus to Friends Reunited, and would allow users to collect and share material such as photographs and newspaper clippings into personal timelines.

The website even eventually dropped its annual membership fee and became free of charge.It was probably the simplest programme I ever wrote,” Steve Pankhurst has been quoted as saying.He was helped in his task by his 40-year-old friend Jason Porter, and the website was born in the Pankhurst’s spare bedroom. I have about 12 friends, all of whom I know, two of whom are ex-school friends but are now mates with my sister. Most of those I haven't are people from here or VD and have "chatted" for on the forums for a long are family, current friends, old friends or old flames...there are just rather a lot of them never had anyone try to 'pull' me through FB Most of the people are either RL friends that I just don't get chance to see that often or contacts through biking etc.I've had two women try to sign up who I had no idea who they were, so I just declined the friend request. Most of the time it's just piss taking or keeping up with latest activities, I don't have a problem with it tbh.

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