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Slated to open in 2017, these include a ride based on Finding Nemo and sequel Finding Dory, as well as a replica of Arendelle, the village from the movie Frozen.

The park is also celebrating the 15th anniversary of its opening from April 15th, 2016 to March 17th, 2017, with a number of special shows as part of “The Year of Wishes.” This year, Nagasaki was overshadowed by Hiroshima during the memorial events of the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombs.

Of course, you’d miss out on Hokkaido’s best if you didn’t venture into its unrivaled nature.

Celebrate Japan’s newest holiday, Mountain Day, with a trip to its largest national park.

Nanette Gottlieb, Professor of Japanese Studies at the School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies at the University of Queensland, suggests that the term has become controversial and is avoided now by most Japanese television broadcasters.

The uncontroversial if slightly formal gaikokújin is commonly used instead.

Hi all, it’s me, Akie, coming to you from my neck of the woods, Akita.

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The Meiji government (1868–1912) introduced and popularized the term, which came to replace ijin, ikokujin and ihōjin.

Martin's Press, 1986), James Kirkup's Gaijin on the Ginza (London: Chester Springs, 1991) and James Clavell's Gai-Jin (New York: Delacorte Press, 1993), as well as a song by Nick Lowe.

It is the title of feature films such as Tizuka Yamazaki's Gaijin – Os Caminhos da Liberdade (1980) and Gaijin – Ama-me Como Sou (2005), as well as animation shorts such as Fumi Inoue's Gaijin (2003).

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