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Swing by at lunch to pick up a “sando of the day” which features specials such as the braised pork leg with BBQ sauce, slaw, pickled red onions, jalapeño vinaigrette and aioli on a sweet deli roll.

This chocolate shop is a no-chew zone; in other words, it’s for real chocolate connoisseurs only.

Be sure to grab a couple traditional hamantashen or black and white cookies to go. Gregoire Located right around the corner from the renowned Chez Panisse, Gregoire is known as the first high-end artisan takeout restaurant.

Owned by French-trained chef and owner, Grégoire Jacquet, this small, yet charming carryout offers seasonal menus and serves both lunch and dinner.

Dinner items include items such as the grilled marinated lamb T-bone while the sandwiches include options such as the fried buttermilk chicken with spicy cole slaw or the roasted leg of lamb with bell pepper stew and goat cheese.

Though the sandwiches are impressively stacked, you simply cannot miss out on Gregoire’s crispy potato puffs, which have gained cult-like status in the Bay Area. Crispy on the outside, yet buttery and dense on the inside, these puffs are akin to fried mash potatoes balls on steroids.

Gray and his tight crew (Lester Walk­er, Mal­colm Liv­ingston , and Pierre Ser­rao) are proud mem­bers of an influ­en­tial and high-func­tion­ing African dias­po­ra with a glob­al mind­set.

They take long-haul flights like the rest of us hop on the tube. The thing about New York is that a mil­lion­aire and some­one who lives in the Projects will ride the train togeth­er.

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They curate all aspects, from the venue to the DJs to the decor, with themes rang­ing from the Black Pan­ther future-world of Wakan­da to the coloni­sa­tion and re-appro­pri­a­tion of the yam.

The pizzeria located a few doors down whips up pizza of the day that is absolutely worth the line, which often times is long.

That said, live music is played every day, making the line fly by. Saul’s You don’t have to be in New York City for an authentic Jewish delicatessen experience.

I don’t care about the bells and whis­tles if the food isn’t deli­cious.” Attaboy for Kore­an fine-din­ing; Uncle Boons and Uncle Boons Sis­ter for Thai with a New York atti­tude; and Crown Shy in the finan­cial dis­trict, where their — a ware­house com­pris­ing test kitchen, stu­dio and art gallery – was born. It offered them the oppor­tu­ni­ty to be pos­i­tive and con­spic­u­ous mem­bers of the local com­mu­ni­ty, whilst bring­ing art­ful glam­our to their ends.

I’m an art col­lec­tor, so to be able to have a space where peo­ple can inter­act with the art is great,” says Gray.

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