Go from friends to dating

Over time and after months of tears, recriminations and judgement, their views modified.I always felt kind of guilty about giving him such a hard time and actively trying to change him.Telling your mate about how many times you’ve cheated on your partner or generally been a dick is way easier than telling a boyfriend/girlfriend. They don’t care if you’ve been a complete t*** because they like you as you are – and usually, your awful stories make for excellent banter. Breakup-wise, if you’re genuinely good friends, then there’s no real reason why the end should be horrendous. Have casual dalliances with people you meet on the tube and in pubs. When you find that kind of stuff out as someone’s romantic partner however, your guard immediately goes up. But as a friend-cum-girlfriend/boyfriend, your eyes are wide open. I’ve never had an acrimonious split from a friend-turned-boyfriend because things have generally just run their course.

If you break up with someone in your friendship group, you’ll start a civil war between mates.With the guy I dated from the bar, we used to see each other once a week for the first month before we agreed that we were exclusively a thing and started to up the ante. O however, we see each other every day – and I still can’t get enough (I know, vomit. By the time you start shagging/dating, you’re so comfortable with each other that there’s very still you can do or say to repulse the other.There’s very little my BF could say to shock me because we went through his mountain of skeletons with a fine tooth comb when we were ~just friends~. It’s all fine and dandy for the first few weeks when you’re still basking in your astonishingly good pulling skills, but then you actually start to get to know each other…and you realise how different you are.One guy turned out to be borderline homophobic and we had countless ‘debates’ where he’d say something that was definitely not OK and I’d pull him up on it – leading to full blown rows.

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