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You have numerous ways to specify your wants and needs, including sections like My Interests (select Religion/Spiritual) and In My Own Words (4,000 characters to describe yourself).

Match also allows you to browse profiles on your own by commonalities.

We can’t show up as our most authentic selves with chronic strain or worry embedded in our muscles.

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You might not feel the immediate response to each session; however, with continued weekly visits (depending on the severity of the stress or muscular tension) you will feel remarkably better, peaceful, and inflammation-free.

Even a generic soft tennis ball can be a powerful tool to use for generating self-massage.

Sitting on it and rolling around, especially if areas of the buttocks and hips tend to be the specific places where stress builds up, is an amazing and simple method of self-care.

These two mindfulness practices are transformative on so many levels.

Watch your relationship to dating—and the outside world in its entirety—shift as you find your happy place, that calm center deep within. The difference in children’s coloring books and adult coloring books is the level of details in the designs.

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