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Kloepfer’s memoir published under the name Elizabeth Kendall contains numerous accounts of abuse she suffered thanks to Bundy.

Though he didn’t physically assault her, his venomous verbal abuse was serious and disconcerting.

The 24-year-old secretary had just recently graduated from Utah State University. Kloepfer was raising a two-year-old daughter by herself and had recently gotten divorced.

“The chemistry between us was incredible,” she wrote in her book.

When Kloepfer asked Bundy about this, he threatened her life. ’ And he said to her, ‘if you ever tell anyone this I’ll break your effing head.” The early days of Bundy and Kloepfer’s relationship were seemingly flawless.

Once the handsome, well-dressed man across the bar asked her to dance, their fates seemed to be set in stone.

The thrilling new relationship was off to a great start, with the pair taking a trip to Vancouver the following weekend.

The first night the couple spent together ended with Bundy cooking her breakfast the following morning.

While much of Bundy’s life has been explored in true crime novels, fictionalized films, and the Netflix documentary, Elizabeth Kloepfer first met Ted Bundy at the Sandpiper Tavern in Seattle.

It was October 1969: the peace and love era was coming to an end and Charles Manson’s followers had committed the Sharon Tate murders two months earlier.

The new couple and Bundy’s parents — army hospital cook Johnnie Bundy and Methodist church secretary Louise Bundy — had a delightful dinner at the killer’s childhood home.

“I loved her so much it was destabilizing,” Bundy told Stephen G. “I felt such a strong love for her but we didn’t have a lot of interests in common like politics or something, I don’t think we had in common.” “She liked to read a lot.

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