I suck at dating

We complain about what others have done to us while doing exactly the same unto others, and we acknowledge our own hypocrisy but claim it’s just “part of the deal.” I’ve had a woman walk out in the middle of a first date. ” to my face and then block my number as soon as the date was over.

I’ve had a girlfriend cancel a date at the last minute and then ignore me until I understood that meant it was over forever.

Let’s be honest: we’ve all experienced that person who took rejection These people are terrifying, and they come out of nowhere.

Someone might be totally civil until you reject them, and then a monster emerges.

I’ve had a woman kiss me passionately, tell me she saw a future with me, get in her car to drive home, and send me a break-up text as soon as she pulled into her driveway.

I’ve been “ghosted” (when they suddenly ignore you without telling you why) and I’ve been “slow-faded” (when they keep making excuses why they can’t see you …

We’d all prefer to avoid that explosive scenario, so instead we ignore the person or give wishy-washy responses, hoping that it diffuses things.

We treat anyone who wants to date us like a ticking time bomb, even though most of us are just fine at taking rejection; it’s dishonesty that we dislike. When rejected, we have a right to express hurt and disappointment, but we have no right to express rage or entitlement.

Not quite one week later, here’s my take: I suck at dating. Furthermore, I have been a good citizen in that I certainly boosted GNP, as I estimate (to my chagrin) some ,000 spent over that period on various sites.

So instead I forced myself to have fun and then received a confused text days later wondering why I hadn’t called to schedule a second date. It seemed rude at the time, but it took guts, and since then I’ve learned that most people in the dating game don’t have those guts—myself included.

We’re just as bad at getting dumped as we are at dumping.

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