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However, as I proceeded to watch the movie, this askewed and grainy film-making style had become appropriate and fitting to the story.The dull colors and rich shadows on unkempt and filthy scenery created a certain obliqueness and gloom, which only highlighted the prevalent physical and spiritual decay of the setting and its characters.I'm no techie but the movie apparently was filmed on digital camera (or made to look that way).

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The character uses his sexual appeal and business cunning to manipulate his "talents." His father, the late great George Estregan, would have been proud.

relishes the abject alienation of a disenfranchised girl who attempts to build a life for her own while forces outside her attempt to demolish it and fail.

The internet is used here as a metaphor for society's inability to be resilient in the face of social disintegration.

The other subtext that I noticed was how internet porn can actually be a potent form of female empowerment.

In relative terms, this is a new concept in Philippine movies.

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