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The boy was only interested in games and socializing with friends.For skipping classes on a regular basis, at the age of 16, the young man got expelled in his senior year, and so he went and got a job at a farm.Rhys Meyers, who grew up in a cramped apartment, spent the paycheck from the first big film on his mother, he bought her a spacious house.A year later, Rhys Meyers got the role of Chiron in the film adaptation of Shakespeare's tragedy, Titus Andronicus. Hollywood stars starred in the fantasy film as well: Anthony Hopkins, Jessica Lange, Alan Cumming, and Angus Macfadyen.In 1998, Jonathan was assigned the central role in the biographical drama Velvet Goldmine.

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Jonathan in his school years was known as an incorrigible troublemaker and a truant.

In 2006, he appeared in the film Mission: Impossible III, where the leading role was played by the legend of cinematography, Tom Cruise.

In 2007, Rhys Meyers participated in the shooting of the drama film August Rush about an abandoned child who dreamed of finding his parents.

In 2004, came out an epic historical drama film, which brought together a brilliant cast.

In the movie featuring Rhys Meyers, Alexander, directed by American filmmaker, Oliver Stone, starred such world stars as Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer, Jared Leto, and Rosario Dawson.

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