Is ray william johnson dating anna Chat with freaks free online

Ray William Johnson is a writer, director, producer, musician, actor, comedian, graphic novel artist and former You Tuber who initially found popularity online by reviewing viral videos on his You Tube web show =3 (pronounced Equals Three).He joined You Tube in 2008 and quickly rose to fame, becoming the most subscribed to channel in 2010.

The reason behind their break-up is not known, but they looked like a lovely couple appearing in each other’s videos.Before that they were just friends, but they became "official" when Anna changed her Facebook status in the Breaking NYC vlog from "Single" to "It's Complicated".They had their first kiss in another Breaking NYC vlog entitled "Vegas New Years".Following his separation with Anna, Ray found love in the arms of Kelly K Ferrell.The big celebrities and stars viewers see on the TV and films do a lot of great works.

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