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The cast of On the Up - 2007 includes: Jael De Pardo as Herself - Host (2008) Sonia Escarcega as Goth Girl Eric Happoldt as See Ya Later Jim Morrison Veronica Jacuinde Veronica Jacuinde as herself Tina Malave Edward Mateo as Bling Arlene Santana Arlene Santana as Herself - Host Arlene Santana as Host Luis Valladares as Huggy Christian Vera Christian Vera as Fresa Christian Vera as Herself - Host JAEL Also it can be a boy name. The wife of Heber the Kenite, hence a non-Israelite, and slayer of the Canaanite army chief Sisera. Deborah was a prophetess and judged Israel in the time of Jabin king of Canaan.With her husband, Jael tented near Kedesh, and there was peace between Heber and the Canaanite oppressors. 3.) After Sisera was defeated at Israel's hand, he fled to Heber's neutral encampment, where Jael invited him into her tent. The cast of U-Verse Buzz - 2007 includes: Lauren Abraham as Herself - Host (2008) Kristin Adams as Herself - Host Kristen Aldridge as Herself - Host Drew Bell as Himself - Host Nicole Dabeau as Herself - Host Jael De Pardo as Herself - Host David Giuntoli as Himself - Host Chris Kattan as Himself - Host Taryn Southern as Herself - Host Luke Tipple as Himself - Host Paula Zahn as herself Any name that you like is a good name! Played Carmen Mackenna in "Trampas y caretas" in 1992. Played Pilar Lynch de Foster in "Loca piel" in 1996. In the ensuing battle with Jabin's host, a woman, Jael, killed Sisera, the captain of Jabin's army.Jael also emerged in the next installment of Syfy’s hit experience traveling reality collection, including Truth, like a field researcher and producer.

But rumors exist that she’s dating Ben Hansen, but the rumor isn’t yet supported as Pardo denied to discuss doing it.Jael de Pardo was created on March 7, 1981, at Colombia.She’s American and belongs into the white ethnicity.She keeps her personal life at a very low profile since there’s not any info about her getting affairs in social websites.Jale succeeds to have a title and celebrity form her brief period of a livelihood.

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