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Then, a basic universal law, a natural law is a law that applies anywhere anytime kind of thing.Then, I said well, how would I gather that information to get the best information?I quickly ran and got a bowl of soup, I was down there in maybe 20 minutes, got a bowl of soup, and came back up here. When I get off here, I’ll be working on that until another interview later.I don’t do anything other than what I love doing which is research, write, travel, teach.‏‏Yeah, you teach and you travel and you research and you keep producing tons of material, you keep studying, and you keep learning. It made me believe that I could overcome my learning problems and he inspired me to want to go and try to learn how to read and actually learn how to be intelligent.I always that intelligent people were teachers so I assumed I’d be a teacher and I’ve been loving it ever since.I had the honor and privilege of studying with him in person over the last few years. Outside that, my brilliance isn’t so high but in that area I do pretty good. In a couple months, it will be 44 years that I’ve been doing that. I live full time doing that, I’m kind of a nomadic full time traveler just researching and writing. I had to wear braces on both my arm and my leg to try to straighten them out.

I said alright, and then I figured the average Ph D reads about 75 to 100 books in each area so I made a goal to read 100 books in each of the disciplines and try to devour that information and try to understand that discipline.

I just love researching, writing, traveling, and teaching. I’m off to Scotland tomorrow morning and then I came in from India before then on the way here, and then I go to Africa, then I go to the States, then Tokyo, then Australia. Then, I found out that I had speech impediment, I had to go to a speech methodologist at about age one.

I just constantly travel, teach, and research everyday. In elementary school, I had learning problems and I was told by my teacher that I would never read, write, or communicate, and never go very far in life. I was good in sports, I could run fast and I can balance pretty well but definitely school was not so strong. I left home when I was 13 and I dropped out of school at 13, 14 almost. Then, I nearly died and I met an amazing teacher who one night, one hour, shared one big message that really changed the trajectory of my life.

Then, I decided that I would study every different discipline and try to find the most universal laws applied across every discipline.

I made a list in the encyclopedia, every discipline, every ology that a person could study.

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