Kyle sandilands sophie monk dating

Kyle, who is in a relationship with model Imogen Anthony, went on to reveal that he knew who had stolen from his mate, Sophie, 37."I know exactly who it is, who has taken (it) upon themselves to think they can take what they like," he said, live on air.

"Hers would have been into the hundreds of thousands for someone like her - mine ran into the millions.

Rumours swirled that Tiffany Wood's desire to pursue a solo music career was to blame for the group's split at the height of their success.

But another member of the group - Sally Polihronas - revealed she had "wanted out" of the group "for a long time".

You can find her words on In Style, marie claire and Women's Health.

Speaking to her friends Kyle and Jackie O about her man, she gushed, "I got engaged, and I kept it quiet so no one's heard much about him. It feels right — I think you know when you know."Confiding to Kyle and Jackie O, she shared, "We've been dating on and off for, like, a couple of years, and no-one really knew.

Sophie Monk recently revealed she lost "nearly everything" when someone close to her pilfered her cash.

She’s known for being an open book but Sophie Monk got pretty cagey after she was questioned about her sexual activity with her chosen man on The Bachelorette.

Kyle and Jackie O Show, host Kyle Sandilands didn't hold back in asking her about “penetration” with her mystery man." data-reactid="16"The 37-year-old remained pretty coy about the whole thing but Kyle being Kyle didn’t let that slide, and continued to push Sophie for answer.“What’s the point of having a lockdown if there’s no sexual…

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