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And when you want to look even better, check out the 40 Ways to Look Younger After 40. While, of course, it’s flattering to feel like you’re in the same group as the Salma Hayeks and the Julianne Moores of the world, hearing a blanket “older women are sexy” isn’t exactly a compliment.

Along with plenty of other ageist things that people insist upon saying to people over 40, people are eager to offend by offering up this unhelpful piece of advice. Women over 40 aren’t a monolith, and while yes, plenty of them are attractive, it starts to feel a little creepy if someone only likes you because of your age.

Whether it’s a miniskirt, a pair of sky-high heels, or a bright new hair color, anyone who says that being over 40 means you have to abide by a bunch of new, boring wardrobe rules, is narrow-minded and rude.

And when you want to refresh your wardrobe, start with the 40 Tips For Dressing Well in Your 40s.

Considering that 95 percent of Americans have a cell phone, odds are your average single 40-something knows that you can meet people online.

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We have loads of 40 plus singles just like you looking for dates right now.However, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to ask someone who’s single or childless in their 40s if the idea of leaving this world alone keeps them up at night.So what if someone still loves reading comic books or staying out all night over 40?Of course, there are things that are things that aren’t great about getting older.However, it’s hard not to be offended when people assume that everything about being over 40 is a major bummer.

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