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This is the earliest such work to have survived intact to the modern day.

Oppian describes various means of fishing including the use of nets cast from boats, scoop nets held open by a hoop, spears and tridents, and various traps "which work while their masters sleep".

500 BC, that shows a boy crouched on a rock with a fishing-rod in his right hand and a basket in his left.

In the water below there is a rounded object of the same material with an opening on the top.

At the flashing of the swift oars and the noise the fish bound in terror and rush into the bosom of the net which stands at rest, thinking it to be a shelter: foolish fishes which, frightened by a noise, enter the gates of doom.

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This has been identified as a fish-cage used for keeping live fish, or as a fish-trap. This object is currently in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Oppian of Corycus, a Greek author wrote a major treatise on sea fishing, the Halieulica or Halieutika, composed between 177 and 180.

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