Meditation spiritual singles online dating

It’s much healthier and fulfilling when two souls come together in joy and bliss rather than in desperation and loneliness.

When we are truly PRESENT in the moment, we are OPEN to meeting the love of our life because we are paying attention.

If you use a dating service to its full potential, you will succeed and you will get the choice of a number of singles.

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When in the flow, there is no ‘thinking things through’ for hours, days or weeks…just happens. Being open to whatever is in our highest and best for each moment and trusting that we are being perfectly guided by our higher selves (that part of us that always remembers its Divine connection), is the key to staying in the flow.It is mandatory that you be respectful to others privacy and to personal choices.As we maintain decorum in our real life in the virtual world as we are called to maintain decorum, with sobriety and vertical politeness.One of the most efficient ways to meet other spiritual, “awake” people is to join an online dating site like Ascending where there is a large pool of conscious singles to meet and be pro-active by initiating contact with other members. Realize that our “types” have most likely been created by mass media programming and therefore the collective consciousness.

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