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Melissa, 43, met the so-called Porn King through mutual friends and has been seeing him more for a couple of weeks now, TMZ reported.A "person with direct knowledge of the situation" told the site, "The relationship is going great." Melissa was previously married to horse trainer John Endicott and divorced in 2003.You realize that she was such a great social commentator of pop culture throughout the years., but didn’t know he was running for president at the time of her death.

While the couple managed to keep their relationship on the down low, Rousso has reportedly been by Melissa Rivers’ side through all the stress of Joan Rivers’ hospitalization and death following a botched surgery in September 2014.

MR: Cooper [to whom the book is dedicated] still keeps a picture of my mother and himself on his nightstand.

He called my mother grandma even though she tried to get him to call her ‘your highness.’ “On December 1, 2000, my mother finally met the true love of her life, my son, her grandson, Cooper.

Scott is a phenomenal producer and publicist, and he was a dear, dear friend of my mom’s and a producer on her first show. Would you say it’s an oversized book or a coffee table book? I wanted it to feel beautiful and special and different from a traditional book. She would write on scraps of paper from hotel memo pads or napkins from wherever she was.

It was also very important to me that the price point was very accessible to all of her fans and that we were connecting with every woman, just like when she sold her jewelry on QVC.: There are hundreds of pictures in the book of her jokes, individually hand-typed on index cards. She became a very big emailer and was current with business correspondence, but she never transitioned from taking her jokes to the computer.

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