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(...)""He would always, like everywhere he went, he would kind of (*shows looking around*) - he called it fishing. I love animals - elephants and giraffes and lions and tigers and bears, all kinds of snakes.He looked around for all the hot girls and he was like: ´Turkle, Turkle, that one´s really hot, look look, oh she, look how her hair is...´ (...) I think he had fears about intimacy, you know, from his childhood. When I was seven, eight years old I was in nightclubs. I get to do all those wonderful things that I didn't get to do when I was little, because we didn't have those things."M: I remember, like I told you before, when Marlon and I had to share a room with Jermaine and Bill was asleep. I felt so guilty when we used to home from the circuit and stuff before we made it, y’know we used to do the club circuits and stuff.These guests were either huge stars before their appearance or after their appearance.And one made news for reasons having nothing to do with show business.PHOTOS: Notable deaths of 2014 Does the onetime self-proclaimed King of Pop surprise you?Michael Jackson was a guest on “The Dating Game” in 1972 when he was a member of the Jackson 5 and his biggest hit was “Rockin’ Robin.” Jackson’s date, La Tonya Simmons, won tickets to a Jackson 5 concert in New York City. But at least in 1972, they wouldn’t be hounded by the press.“Don’t believe the nonsense about Michael being gay and stuff. That's why I compensate now for what I didn't do then.When there were girls around he’d talk about them to the guys and run around pinching their asses and then run away. ” himself worked with Michael for over 30 years and knows how much Michael was CRAZY about women. I can’t say them (out of respect to both my fiancé and Michael), but he’s not the only one who knew him very well to say this... So when you come to my house, you'll see I have rides, I have a movie theatre, I have animals.

And we’re not talking Ken Jennings kind of celebrities.

I don´t think he really had great examples of how a relationship works." "When I was little I grew up in an adult world. Jermaine would have girls up there all the time screwing and stuff. I felt so guilty, and I just cried and Joseph choked me, almost broke my arm one day. It’s like, (joseph’s voice) “Oh, this is what you should do, boy.” I mean, he didn’t say that but he was screwin’ women in the other room and stuff.

I don't like going to clubs - I did that already, I've been there.

Here’s a look back at the late King of Pop’s most memorable TV appearances, ranging from his very first television performance to the debut of the moonwalk to news coverage of his untimely death.

In this episode of The Dating Game from 1972, then-young star Michael Jackson is the special guest.

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