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Young adulthood is typically when people are just beginning to figure themselves out, and you may be on this road, too.

There's nothing wrong with taking dating slowly in college until you figure out what you want.

It's important to compromise, but make sure you're getting what you want out of it, too.

They got married in 2013, after dating for a couple of years.

Not many people have an opportunity to impact others’ lives in such a gratifying way, and I never take that for granted.” It’s our professional matchmaking team that makes the difference. We're not a parade of endless online dating profiles. We are experts at helping real people who want real relationships meet each other in the most effective way possible: face to face.

Most people are making new friends for the first time since grade school, and exploring their own identities.

Many people don't consider settling down during their first year in college.

Because many people don't know where they're headed during their college years, it's important to be patient in every relationship you build with friends and significant others.

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