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She is with him every waking minute and is refusing to go on a four day trip to visit her grandmother whom she'd agreed to go see, the plane ticket is already bought, but he doesn't want her to go, and she asked what I would do if she refused to go and I said I'd look into restraining orders. Hi there, I really feel for you - I truly do, because I had the same thing happen, but I was the 16 year old girl with the controlling 18 year old boyfriend. He started out so nice, but then got very controlling, verbally abusive and then led to physical abuse.He did almost all the things you mention in your post.Typically, when you go to court for your hearing, it helps to have proof of the harassment.You can bring things like witnesses, photos, medical or police reports, damaged property, threatening letters, e-mails, or telephone messages.We were even engaged and had our wedding all setup, all the reception planned, invitations ordered, etc, etc.Lucky for me, a month b/f our wedding, I found out that he went on a weekend trip with one of my bridesmaids! Anyway, literally with the strength from God, I called him and told him it was over.However, if after being given proper notice, the respondent does not come to the hearing, the court may still issue the restraining order.

I finally woke up and realized what he was doing to me.

A victim may renew the order when it expires, if necessary I can tell you from my own life experiences that your daughter will most likely come around given time and space. And the more my parents pushed me and imposed rules upon me, the more I rebelled.

I even ran away from home, like your daughter is threatening to do.

She is threatening to run away with him if I try to tell her what to do, so I am investigating my legal options, because I am legally responsible for her until she is 18.

He is not physically abusive that I know of, but he does not allow her to have any friends, and the occasional times he works he "puts" her at his house to stay with his mother until he gets off from work.

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