Myths and facts about dating violence dating game thin skin

The definition of sexual violence is sexual harassment, sexual abuse, or sexual assault and can be inflicted by an intimate partner, family member, acquaintance or stranger.Like domestic violence it crosses all class, racial, and educational lines.FACT: Domestic violence happens in all kinds of families, rich and poor, urban, suburban and rural, in every part of the country, in every racial, religious and age group. FACT: Alcohol and drugs do not cause domestic violence. Many abusers will make sure they have alcohol or drugs on hand, in order to use them as an excuse for their actions. They believe they are entitled to have power and control over their partner.Abusers will also claim their actions resulted because they could not have the alcohol or drugs. FACT: Domestic violence has nothing to do with anger. We know abusers are actually very much in control because they can stop when someone knocks on the door or the phone rings; they often direct punches and kicks to parts of the body where the bruises are less likely to show; and they are not abusing everyone who makes them “angry”, but waits until there are no witnesses and abuses the one he says he loves. Abusers will pretend to have low-self esteem, if it will make others believe the violence is not their fault.Domestic violence happens equally in heterosexual and homosexual relationships. FACT: Battering is the single largest cause of injury to women in the United States – over mugging, automobile accidents and rape, combined. In 2009, Georgia was rated the 10th highest in the nation for the rate at which men kill women.MYTH: Domestic violence is not a serious problem in the U. In 2010, Georgia mourned at least 130 domestic violence related deaths.

It affects ones ability to function in the work place or at school and relationships to family members and friends.The definition of domestic violence is physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse inflicted by an intimate partner or family member and crosses all class, racial, and educational lines.Victims of domestic violence suffer devastating effects including physical pain, loss of self-esteem, forced dependency, anxiety, terror, and depression.It is a problem in poor families and it also occurs in middle class and wealthy families.Victims with greater economic resources may not access services due to shame and fear of lost social and financial standing.

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