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I’m trying to find an 80’s or 90’s song where the singer says the words “on the radio” & it sounds like (I think a male) is saying the words through … Fast Paced Rock song with a Girl (High-Pitched) The main singer is the girl, who has a slightly high pitched voice. ) INXS Sounding Song With Female “Doo doo”x2 Song on kind of an 80s/90s/rock and pop station, either 93.1 JACK FM, K-Earth 101.1, or KOST 103.5 in Southern California. Searching for a dance song, video clip is taking place in a classroom Heard this song a few days ago at the gym. Students are quite in a university classroom expecting to do an economics …She uses the high-pitch in the chorus, and in the chorus she says something along the … There is some eastern Indian music playing in the the chorus parts. Chill song with man singing in some foreign language I’m trying to remember a song that’s very chill, a bit house-y with a man singing in a foreign language, most probably African. Italian song from the 90s, starting with a drumroll positive, fast song in italian from the 1990s, starting with a drum roll and two claps/snares.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.What’s the song from the late 90s or early 2000s that a black female sings – in the video there’s Eastern Indian music in the beginning.. if i recall correctly, it was sung by a jolly fat-ish …Trying to find a rap song with people echoing in the background? New Wave song- woman speaking franch in the middle of it Was played on Sirius radio station called 1st Wave. There was a chorus that sounded like they were saying “We’ve made the … Older folk sounding song, maybe Elton John or Billy Joel, So this particular part of this song is stuck in my head and I don’t remember who it is or any of the lyrics. Its driving me crazy but i cant find the titiel to this song but i know for a fact its a guy singing and there are high pitch notes through out the song The song is a male singing, its a recent song I believe, and when the chorus comes on, there are high pitch notes in the background.If you submit a question by adding a comment while reading someone else’s post, it will be added to their post and you may not receive any answers or notices of answers.

“…on the radio…” said in 80’s or 90’s song through a megaphone or something. Seemed to be sung by a woman or many women with lots of precise musical patterns that makes up the harmony and a lead singer …It’s a slow rap song with peaceful instruments and I swear someone says bruh in the background. female vocalist, electronic- “am I dreaming/let me go” in the lyrics? I heard this song on a USA Jaguar tv ad that is currently running. Female vocalist, sounds like Toni Tenille, ‘It’s all right’ repeated in song Female vocalist, has ‘It’s all right’ several times in the lyrics, sounds like Toni Tenille, 80s maybe 70s. that song at the outro of the FWS EDMONTON 2018: UCI BMX Freestyle Flatland World Cup Final i only know a few lines of the song, they go like this: stress keeps building its about to blow, im coming to the end of the line, check my watch man …And it sounds like the main singer says “ima go off” … rock band with somg about old people f***ing there’s one lyric that’s like smrh amrh echoes through the room kinda screamo rock, all of their cover art was rly ugly and hand drawn, rly small … Faded by Alan walker but some Asian deep male voice singing It’s like the start of the song and then this man starts singing in another language most likely Asian it’s sounded like ko-wa-sa – ko-wa-sa I remember … Think the rapper that’s in it is either chance the rapper or Taylor Bennett or someone with similar music style Starts with a girl singing in another language. The lyrics as far as I heard them were something like: “am I dreaming? Song – GERMAN SPEAKING FEMALE SINGER WHAT IS IT I remember going on holiday in 2015 to Austria.A female singer with phsychedelic sounds using the lyrics of Yeats “tread softly for you tread on my dreams” This is a recent song with a female vocalist, singing the lyrics of yeats “tread softly for you tread on my dreams” in the chorus she sings something …the song starts with mmm d da do da do its not a hip hop song I dont think but I can’t figure out any other part of the song.

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