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Strong coffee accompanies the wide selection of sweet and savory items, from the custard pie known as Bohemian Hall has a giant outdoor area lined with picnic tables and TVs showing sports games, in addition to a spacious indoor bar.The beer list is heavy on German and Eastern European brews, plus there’s a menu of food including kielbasa and a pretzel with mustard.Chef Lam Lien brings tastes of his Vietnamese family’s cooking to District Saigon, where he simmers finely balanced pho broth infused with bone marrow for hours.

The gleaming lights of Artopolis, tucked into a shopping center underneath the train, highlight meticulously made Greek pastries as if they were museum pieces.Vesta, a popular Italian spot, emphasizes seasonal and local ingredients.The chic, candlelit space at dinner carries a romantic atmosphere.The chic setting includes a backlit bar with an expansive whiskey selection.The beloved Middle Eastern food truck has expanded into a brick-and-mortar restaurant with a replica of the original vehicle staring out at customers.

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