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If there is a reasonable relation to the information sought and the government’s interests the inquiry will be upheld. §1983, alleging civil rights violation on the part of the City which sought a list from every city employee of all city properties they owned.Barring that, a personal inquiry with no bearing on a legitimate government interest would be disallowed. 1556 (WDNY, 1984), the president of the Rochester Police union sued under 42 U. Due to the disrepair of numerous properties within the city and concerns over urban decay, the city sought the list since its Code of Ethics prevented any city employee from owning property in violation of municipal or state laws.Each officer was issued a wallet-sized card with these values printed on the front and back.Among senior officers the response was a mocking disregard, among junior officers, a quiet acceptance.

The court’s finding of a “minimal government intrusion for a limited and legitimate purpose” countered union arguments of an unconstitutional invasion of privacy. The problem with the questionnaire was in the personal information it sought from the applicants about their family members and the applicants themselves.Additionally, it reinforces the department’s commitment to those values which it seeks to enforce.The extent to which an agency’s code of ethics is enforceable against an officer in a disciplinary case needs to be carefully considered, especially in light of a recent federal court case dealing with officer discipline.Neither group gave extensive thought to them, merely passing the novelty off as ivory tower police officers imposing a newly learned management principle upon the troops.Admittedly, for me as a cop with a law degree and a practice on the side, no extra attention or deliberation was given to the code of ethics.

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