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smh My BFF of 39 years steals my BF of 10 years…within 4 months of pursuing him, she is now living with him in the new house that he purchased but that we worked so hard together to get just right for him and I. but what I found out is that she was “never” pregnant and that she faked it up until 32 weeks and said that she had a stillborn.

Now it’s all hers along with everything in it including my lover, my soulmate, Jeff….. She was over our old house all the time and unbeknownst to me, was listening to me talk as a BFF using the info to know how to please him, how not to displease him etc. My x husband became a horrible father to our child.

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Meet Kenzie hickmott she’s the biggest slore you will meet in Owosso she will sleep with you if you give her dabs or weed she will fuk for anything she’s pretty much a floozy she cheated on her baby daddy k.w and Colton makes me wonder who’s next she’s the dirtiest scum bucket you will ever meet different guy every day You will never meet a girl crazier then this one!! Its been one month since he seen his kids but he is in Michigan now an wont come see them not even to bring my van back… Hes gona be with her 4days and then she is going back on the road with him but he wont see his kids and I.

Oh and she’s been married for over 20 years so she’s crushed him and her two kids as well as me.

She lived in Imlay City, MI with her husband until she moved 40 miles south to Pontiac, MI where she now lives with my BF of 10 years. ~ She cheats with multiple men, my husband one of them. In October of 2015, I had a stroke that could of taken my life. “catfished.” My x husband went out there and she was suppose to come her.

Just because you can’t have a lasting relationship doesn’t give you the right to ruin people’s lives! This woman is a home wrecking slore, she places ads on FB by the 100’s looking for people to just f**k her. and now our autistic daughter is losing all her therapy…

She cheated on me with several men in the eight years we were together. Shes a pill popping skinny little slore, She will fuk your man ladies… well she live on his truck little over a month before I found out…

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