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Advantage: Google Pay Ultimately, choosing one of these payment systems is tied to your ecosystem and availability in your location.

For Apple users, your only choice in the real world is Apple Pay, while Android users must use Google Pay.

could soon make your wallet obsolete by allowing you to pay with just the tap of your phone or smartwatch.

But they've had a slow roll-out and not all options are made equal.

You can do this from an i Phone or i Pad; a Mac Book Pro with fingerprint support; or a Mac and verify with an i Phone or Apple Watch.

Google Pay offers browser payments as well in Chrome, Safari and Firefox, but not many online stores use it yet.

Samsung Pay and Google Pay work on the 340,000 sites that use Visa Checkout, if you're shopping from your phone.

Chase Pay users also have the option to link their wallets with Samsung Pay.

Offline payments are also supported on all three platforms, so you can make a limited number of transactions if you have no cell or Wi-Fi signal.

Once you add your cards to the app, it generates a virtual account number and your real card number is never given to the merchant.

When you tap your phone to make a payment, it sends the tokenized card number and a cryptogram that acts like a password.

With regards to availability, once you've added your cards to one of these mobile wallets you should be able to use them in any country that accepts contactless payments, as long as you would normally be able to use your physical card in that location.

In the case of Samsung Pay, that also includes any terminal with a magnetic card reader..

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