Oromo dating

According to an independent report by an Ethiopian judge, the “massacre” left 763 injured and at least 193 killed by gunshot, beating or strangulation.A decade later, the 2015 election results have served as decisive proof of the EPRDF’s commitment to authoritarianism.

As Concordia students, we feel it is important to promote awareness of this issue and urge international organizations to mount campaigns pressuring the government to release Ethiopian political prisoners, end the repression of political dissent and grant the Oromo people the respect and self-determination they have historically been denied.It was initially proposed in 2014, but cancelled due to demonstrations. 2016, the government once again cancelled the plan, but many suspect it will be reinstated when stability returns.This issue is much larger than the Master Plan, and the Oromo people have had enough.However, tensions finally appear to be coming to a head.After over a century of oppression, the Oromo are once again fighting with their lives for the right to self-determination, livelihood, land, and to preserve their culture.

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