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To try out the portal please contact [email protected] and request our guest log in.

We also help schools to reach out to former students who have lost touch using press, social media, employer and university partnerships, and our Back to School Week campaign to encourage alumni to sign up.

Future First has a team of dedicated Alumni Officers who work with primary schools, secondary schools and colleges to help them build and manage their community of supporters.

Alumni Officers are experts in their field and offer practical guidance and advice for school staff. We work with schools and colleges to embed alumni and supporter engagement across the fabric of the school and lives of the pupils and students so that each network is sustainable and accessible for generations to come.

During our first few months of working with Future First we focused on using the online portal and understanding the key steps needed to build our alumni network, for example, signing up recent leavers at results day or using social media to reach out to former students.

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The work of Future First is a collaboration between our expert team, school staff, students and pupils, employers and alumni.

Our first step is to sign up all final year students so they can keep in touch from their last day.

Future First provides a secure online platform that helps schools to collect student contact details, keep those contact details up to date, send out communications and search and filter through their alumni to find volunteers for specific needs.

Once we have helped reach out to former students and build networks of supporters, schools and colleges can begin to use this community in a variety of ways to meet a variety of needs.

Our goal is to help each school or college to deliver the most effective interventions to address the specific needs of their young people.

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