Queer teen dating

As an atheist, I don’t have an intuitive grasp of the issues LGBTQ people of faith deal with in coming out.

However, I want you to know that you are not alone. You’ll have to give up stability and certainty and the life you have now—a life that, for all its miseries, at least you’re used to.

It seems like, whether as a result of your assault and PTSD or your repressive, homophobic upbringing (or both, or something else entirely), you feel safer with the idea of lashing out physically than talking about your feelings.

You’re fantasizing about punching dudes you kiss and girls who date your crush instead of saying, “I’m very uncomfortable and unhappy right now! It’s not “abracadabra, your brain is fixed”—it’s a chance to practice difficult skills and develop healthier coping mechanisms.

Lesbians, sorry to stereotype, BUT IT’S EXTREMELY TRUE, fucking love talking about their feelings.

And remember, you don’t have to go to every block party, street fair, Pride tailgate, and music festival on the calendar; sitting on the porch with a book and a beer totally counts as a “prior commitment.” I’m a lesbian. This is one of the many reasons representation matters, by the way—stories and images of queer people contribute to the understanding that queer is a thing you can be, and that queer folks have options beyond “throwing yourself into an disappointing straight relationship and hoping your inconvenient feelings disappear.” So, I mean, yeah, there’s no way around this and you know what I’m going to say: You’ve gotta get a divorce.

Make sure you’ve got your summer body ready by wearing comfy clothes, blasting songs that give you confidence, carrying sunscreen in case of spontaneous pool parties, and eating ice cream as often as you feel like it. I watch Netflix shows about LGBTQ people, and wish I had watched them before getting married. You know that you’re a lesbian; you’re not in love with your husband; you want to be single; you even know that if you’d seen TV shows about LGBTQ people earlier in life, you wouldn’t have married this man.

I have crushes on girls, but my parents are extremely homophobic.

They literally boycott a store if they see a gay person in it. She was dating another girl who thankfully went to another school in another state (if not I would have punched that girl).

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