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Thompson and Jay Lonick, a childhood friend, were known for improvisational "call and response" percussion battles with plastic buckets, crates, and shopping carts.

This style translated into Thompson's usual drumset arrangement, with most drums and cymbals positioned at waist level, emulating his original street setups.

With the exception of The Fugees and Jill Scott, Questlove served as the drummer at the 2004 Brooklyn street concert and was the musical director for the entire show.

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They were among 110 slaves smuggled illegally to Mobile, Alabama, in July 1860 on the Clotilda.In 2003, he played drums on John Mayer's song "Clarity" from his second album Heavier Things.He also arranged and drummed on Joss Stone's cover of The White Stripes' "Fell in Love with a Girl".He played drums on Christina Aguilera's song "Loving Me 4 Me" for her 2002 album Stripped.In 2002, he and The Roots released the critically acclaimed Phrenology, which went gold.

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