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Interracial dating was such a provocative thing that it was illegal in many places — just like sodomy!

Miscegenation (anti-interracial marriage/sex) laws were technically still in existence as recently as 1999.

As a black, Latino gay man raised in the conservative South, I too once internalized problematic beliefs.

Long ago, I believed reverse racism was a thing and thought “preferences” made sense.

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Ignoring these things as a community isn’t going to solve anything, and talking about it isn’t what’s dividing our community — racism is.These laws existed because interracial dating was seen as a disruption to the purity of the white race, since black people and other people of color were considered inferior.The view that black people are of an inferior race and therefore unfit to date white people is racism. Your modern sexual "preference" is actually a byproduct of racism all the way down to legislation forbidding sex and/or marriage between people of different races.It’s important for those of you who call yourselves allies to do the same.To unpack and understand what makes sexual preferences racist, you have to understand that anti-blackness is a core American value. But before we get there, we need to talk about the most common defenses of your sexual “preferences”: This is a false equivalency and there’s this thing called intersectionality.

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