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Nov 23, 2013 - in a hypothesis-testing framework, can the identification and delimitation of confident .....ghan et al., 2009) are applied and the best fitting model is chosen. (358 OTUs) using a novel Python script developed for this project.Press the small “plus” button at the bottom left of the panel. Rename it by double-clicking on the entry that appears (it will initially be called untitled1).Call it ingroup (it will contain all taxa except the lemur, which will form the outgroup). Since we know that lemur is the outgroup, we will set select the checkbox in the Monophyletic? This will ensure that the ingroup is kept monophyletic during the course of the MCMC analysis.We find no significant rate autocorrelation among branches in three large datasets, suggesting that autocorrelated models are not necessarily suitable for these data.In addition, we place these datasets on the continuum of clocklikeness between a strict molecular clock and the alternative unrooted extreme.

Amrine-Madsen H, Scally M, Westerman M, Stanhope MJ, Krajewski C, et al.

The goal is to estimate the phylogeny as well as the rate of evolution on each lineage based on dates of divergence of their host species.

The first step will be to convert a NEXUS file with a DATA or CHARACTERS block into a BEAST XML input file.

(2003) Nuclear gene sequences provide evidence for the monophyly of australidelphian marsupials. Ewing G, Nicholls G, Rodrigo A (2004) Using temporally spaced sequences to simultaneously estimate migration rates, mutation rate and population sizes in measurably evolving populations.

In phylogenetics, the unrooted model of phylogeny and the strict molecular clock model are two extremes of a continuum.

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