Reviews on ok cupid dating site

Over the last four months or so seems to be trending a little bit more than Ok Cupid overall.

I will be comparing these two dating services on the five most important factors so you won’t be left guessing. Indeed you might be wondering why would anyone want to compare a free website with a paid website knowing that there will be significant differences in both sites, especially given the already popularly held belief that “free” is inferior.Match is nicely designed, and you will notice straight away that their developers have done all that they can to make sure that the site’s beautiful graphics does not detract from the content that is on the site. Both navigation and design work very smoothly on mobile devices, tablet as well as the desktop version.Ok Cupid though easy to use is not exactly hugely attractive; however, they have done well to keep the site simple.Well forget your beliefs about “free” and see how well Ok Cupid stands up to Match in this head to head review of which site is best.Make sure to check out my reviews of Match and Ok Cupid! Is good, can it match others in the best online dating sites category? According to the website similarweb, receives 35 million website visits per month, while Okcupid receives 100 million visits per month.

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