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We aim to revolutionize dating on the Rutgers campus!Users create a profile by submitting their name, phone number and picture.Aleksandra: Dating club offers services in the registration of marriage with yours bride from Russia, Ukraine and other countries.We will help to organize the registration of marriage, wedding legally competent to issue, without the expense of a simple registration to "stylish and beautiful" - Wedding in Prague.The chat app was the hardest part to implement, since we decided to build it ourselves instead of using an existing library.None of us knew how to use flask or sockets, so we were able to learn a lot about these two technologies during this hackathon.We used python with flask for our backend, with Google Cloud Datastore for the database and Google Cloud Storage for the storage buckets.

Because condoms aren't percent protective against herpes, there's always the possibility that you will pass the disease onto your sexual partners.

The platform provides an icebreaker topic to help start the chatting.

By the end of the 2 minutes, both users receive a sentiment score, and make a decision on whether they want to "match".

They then fill out a quick visual questionnaire and they are ready to be matched!

Once two users are matched, they are placed in a chat room where they have 2 minutes to speed date.

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