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But believe me, whoever you marry, you will probably become pretty disillusioned with his beautiful imperfections, even this guy's.

;)There are often young professional conferences and other pan-Orthodox meetings organized for Orthodox people.

The best advice I can give you is to not worry about it.

When I met my husband, I wasn't looking for a guy, let alone an Orthodox guy (I hadn't even been chrismated yet; I was just a catechumen).

A friend is an absolutely wonderful rare gift, especially if he meets all the criteria you listed.

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I mean, maybe you'll find that scar on their face endearing, but I assume that's not what you mean. This isn't a thing: marriage gets us to heaven with the difficult, aggravating, painful stuff.

I'm female (22), OO, and have spent about half of my life praying for the husband that God has been forming for me.

Recently I met a man who is everything I've ever prayed for, involved in church, loves his family, humble, gentle, strong spiritual life, kind, wonderful sense of humor...guy that even his imperfections are beautiful, the first guy I've ever met that forced me out of my comfort zone and I told him that I like him. It hurt to be told that, but I'm grateful that God gave me an opportunity to humble myself and to show me that there are still guys out there who hold fast to their faith and spiritually struggle, who serve and genuinely love. There's a good number of things I'm willing to compromise, but my faith is not one.

Not that I'm absolutely against it, but I've met someone for the first time in my life that I want to live life with, following the One.

I also spoke to another priest who spoke very highly of him and loves him tremendously; he knows that many of us ladies would find a husband in him.

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