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A particularly dangerous enterprise in Saratov is the AIT plant, which pollutes not only its own territory, but also the adjacent residential area.This enterprise for a long time exported to the dump of the Alexander Village Soviet production waste containing nickel and cadmium.Winter is frosty, the average number of days with precipitation is 12-15 per month, with fogs an average of 4–10 days per month, With snowstorms - an average of 4–10 days a month. In March, snowstorms, drifts on roads, an average of 5–7 days are possible. In the spring, usually with the last decade of March to the third decade of April, a limit is imposed on the roads with a hard surface on the movement of heavy vehicles, the beginning of which is timed to the transition of the average daily temperature through 0.Autumn does not differ from year to year by the constancy of the weather.

The only measure is a one-time garbage collection in the territories of municipalities, initiated by public organizations of the Saratov region and "subbotniks", which are held in the spring and autumn.

In 2011, Saratov was excluded from the list of Russian cities with very high levels of air pollution.

Historical and modern earthquakes are known in the region.

The fuel, chemical and petrochemical industries are developing more dynamically than the average for Russia.

The foreign trade turnover of the Saratov region in 2011 increased by 36.8%.

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