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If your vagina is dry, chances are your hormones are to blame. "The tissue in the vulva and vagina have testosterone and estrogen receptors, means it's sensitive to those hormones.

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Here are some suitable positions Life is busy and fully scheduled in your 30s. Sex is important in life for your emotional sustenance.The mystery is over; and familiarity, which becomes the cornerstone of women’s sex drive in the 30s, becomes irksome for men and we can observe in men an early onset of mid-life crisis.The rat race of life is somewhat under control, job and relationship secured but now men start to think, “Is that all?Here are the most likely reasons your vagina isn't as lubricated as usual: When your estrogen level drop dramatically in menopause, the tissue in the vagina becomes thinner, less elastic, and dry, Rowen explains.The collection of menopause-induced changes in the genital area is called genitourinary syndrome of menopause—it used to be called vaginal atrophy.

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