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He seemed to grunt in approval and then suddenly his breathing became deeper.

I realized that the flood gates would soon crumble in resistance.

I circled the head with my tongue like a lovely cherry lolly. He moved the chair at the end to the side and lifted me onto the tabletop, my legs dangling. , but before I do I'm going to have a little lunch." I thought, "Food?

His shaft became completely limp and fell between his legs. He could think of food in the middle of our lovemaking? He kissed me long and hard and positioned himself between my legs. He ran his tongue around my nipples and bit them gently. I couldn't see, but I guessed that his erection had returned because he put his hands under my butt and drew me to him, lifting my butt.

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I was in a rush to get busy with my emails, so I only slipped on a pair of panties under my thin summer robe.

I have a reasonably successful home based business. He was a tall boy, standing at least 6'3", a handsome young man right down to his big feet. "This isn't right," I thought to myself as I noticed Michael's eyes were almost awkwardly focused on the tops of my breasts and a fair amount of its cleavage. I felt myself getting turned on as he walked about my kitchen in his underwear.

I work at the breakfast bar between the kitchen and dinning room. There he stood dressed only in his boxers and t-shirt. I pulled my robe to ensure it was properly closed as I felt my nipples protruding through the thin material as I slowly became aroused. I couldn't take my eyes off him as he reached for the cereal box.

I swallowed continuously thinking it was over, but I was wrong. I wanted him to shove his magnificently large, rock hard penis into me and bang me until I couldn't stand up.

I started tasting his seminal fluid as it escaped into my mouth.

I worked his dick in and out each time taking a little more in and letting a little less out.

When he'd finished I asked him, "Do you remember when you in about eighth grade how you'd spy on me in the shower." I couldn't believe I was about to do. I guess he realized now that I'm a real woman and not just Josh's mom. "OK then, you've seen me naked, now I guess it's my turn to see you. I slowly worked my hand from his neck to his pubic region. Finally I gently fondled his sack with my fingers, softly scratching the underside with my long nails and gently felt his nuts inside.

Now he blushed deeply as he put his bowl in the sink. Jenkins, you've got to realize how hot I thought you were and sorry to say, but you had the biggest boobs. I looked at him top to bottom and then bottom to top. Let me see what's under your shirt" He hesitated somewhat as he pulled his muscle shirt up over his head. They seemed big as they comfortably filled my open hand. I motioned him to straddle his legs further apart so I could comfortably put my mouth to his balls.

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